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About the App

Kolo Africa is a "Language Centric" App which provides access to audio, video and text materials in 500 languages of Africa.

ON-LINE: When connected to the internet, Kolo Africa helps you identify the name of the language by choosing the flag of the country where it is spoken and listening to sound clips of languages. Select a language and Kolo Africa will retrieve videos from the Jesus Film Media catalog, along with available audio Bibles from FCBH. These can either be viewed and listened to by live streaming, or downloaded to the smartphone to build a personal LIBRARY for off-line viewing. CAUTION: be sure that free data services or a cost effective data plan is in place from your network provider to minimize charges.

LIBRARY: Short video "Clips" and "Episodes" are available for many of the videos along with the full- length videos. These and audio Bible chapters may be downloaded to the LIBRARY. Audio Bible chapters may be downloaded by touching the green arrow, or when selecting videos the "Download to Library" button will store videos by language on the smartphone for viewing at no charge when off-line.

TEXT: As time goes on, Text will begin to be available in selected languages. Included is Text for the "Four Spiritual Laws"" in major languages for each country. Languages include Arabic, French, English, Portuguese, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Zulu, Swahili, Amharic, Afrikaans, and Ewe.

DEMO: Provides visual instruction on the use of the Kolo Africa App.

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